JointHealth™ express   October 9, 2008

Urgent—your help is needed to make arthritis an election issue

With the federal election fast approaching, Arthritis Consumer Experts is asking for your help. More than two weeks ago, ACE sent all five of the major parties an extensive package of information, and a questionnaire regarding arthritis issues, focusing on the federal Non-Insured Health Benefits plan.

Today, five days before the election, no party has answered the questionnaire. Only one party-the Liberals-have responded at all. Our calls to headquarters of the parties have not yielded results.

Please tell the parties running for your vote that this is simply not good enough.

If you are able, please take the time to call the parties and tell them how disappointed you are that arthritis is not being taken seriously in this election. Please ask them to answer the Arthritis Consumer Experts questionnaire immediately.

  • Conservative Party of Canada:
    • 1-866-808-8407

  • New Democratic Party of Canada:
    • 1-866-525-2555

  • Liberal Party of Canada:
    • 1-613-237-0740

  • Green Party of Canada:
    • 1-866-868-3447

  • Bloc Québécois:
    • 1-514-526-3000
Now, more than ever, the voice of arthritis must be heard. Arthritis will never be an election issue unless our community demands an end to this discrimination.

Thank you,

Arthritis Consumer Experts