JointHealth™ express   July 27, 2009

Three-part JointHealth™ web workshop series available!

All three web workshops in the series titled “Do I have arthritis and what do I do about it?” are now available at our website: This series discusses osteoarthritis and strategies for managing its symptoms.
  • The first web workshop in the series focuses on early diagnosis of osteoarthritis
  • The second in the series discusses the important topic of exercise as part of a treatment plan for osteoarthritis
  • The third and final web workshop in the series covers the importance of healthy nutrition for people living with osteoarthritis
Please click here to view the series.

We acknowledge the generous support of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) for this series.

As a part of our funding agreement with CIHR, we have committed to survey people who have used the web workshops to ensure that key objectives of the program have been met. Please take a moment to complete the survey that accompanies each of the web workshops. Links to the surveys are available underneath the links to each of the workshops.

Thank you.

Arthritis Consumer Experts