JointHealth™ express   June 15, 2019

EULAR News- June 15, 2019

Optimizing e-health resources and tools for arthritis patients

At a EULAR session titled “Bringing Digital Healthcare Solutions to Patients,” attendees learned how e-health tools, such as online and mobile apps, can enhance treatment and redefine the patient-rheumatologist relationship. Dr. Paul Studenic from the Medical University of Vienna told his audience: “On-line platforms can be used to share information among patients to foster peer support as well as the exchange between patients and healthcare professionals. E-health opportunities will set new standards for patient education and for improved adherence.”

He also noted the transition from paper-based records to electronic medical records not only allows health professionals a more comprehensive view of patient history and outcomes, but also provides patients the option to browse their own medical records remotely.

Some mobile apps allow patients to track daily symptoms of their arthritis in between appointments. “The integration of patient-generated data in between medical visits by the use of mobile apps is of particular importance in the case of chronic diseases to better depict how well individuals with arthritis are doing and for the identification of flares that may require earlier clinical consultations than previously appointed with a patient,” said Dr. Studenic.

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