JointHealth™ express   July 16, 2020

Arthritis At Home Episode 35: Social justice and the next generation of clinician researchers with Nevena Rebić

This week’s #ArthritisAtHome features Nevena Rebić, a graduate trainee at Arthritis Research Canada.

In the 35th episode of Arthritis At Home, Nevena Rebić explains how she incorporates social justice, anti-racism and decolonization practices into her role as a clinician researcher. She talks about her future in academia and how she hopes health research and education will advance in coming years.

Nevena is a graduate trainee at Arthritis Research Canada and a student at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, where she’s committed to serving at least a decade-long sentence – she previously completed a 5-year Bachelor of Pharmacy, is about to wrap up a 2-year MSc, and will be starting a PhD in September. At her core, she’s a lover of learning and supporting individual- and community-level empowerment. In recent years, she’s become a lover of public health research because of the opportunity it presents to marry evidence-based decision-making and social justice. In her research, she combines her clinical expertise to inform patient-centered questions in arthritis, pregnancy, and medication use and she is excited to spend 4 more years learning from and supporting health empowerment within the arthritis community!

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