JointHealth™ express   November 4, 2021

In this episode of Arthritis At Home, Cheryl Koehn has a conversation with Ellen Wang on research - health literacy, patient activation and self-management. Ellen also explains how she finds balance between her academic career and her physical and mental health, while living with a rheumatic condition.

Ellen is a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Linda Li at the University of British Columbia. She received her Master and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo. During her time in Ontario, Ellen volunteer in exercise programs for patients undergoing cancer treatment, individuals with heart disease, and older adults living with dementia and their care partners. In addition, she was involved in several implementation projects that aimed to improve mobility and physical function. From her experiences, she developed a keen interest in the self-management of chronic conditions. Her current research is at the intersection of knowledge translation, health literacy and patient activation. In specific, she wants to understand how health literacy and patient activation influence self-management behaviours.

Outside of her studies, Ellen works as a yoga instructor and personal trainer. She also loves to prepare colourful meals and curate fun playlists.

Ellen joined Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) at the end of 2021 and contributes to content development for JointHealth™ programs and the Arthritis Broadcast Network. She is also responsible for website maintenance and social media for the ArthritisBC+Me portal.

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