JointHealth™ express   December 21, 2023

A special holiday episode focusing on Winter Solstice and the opportunity to reflect on 2023 and renew for 2024

Winter Solstice is a special time in Indigenous cultures, symbolizing the turning of seasons and a period for recharging our spirits, connecting with our communities, and fostering change both within and around us. In this special holiday episode of Arthritis at Home, Kelly Lendvoy and Cheryl Koehn discuss how this meaning of Winter Solstice inspired ACE’s holiday message this year as they reflect on ACE’s education and advocacy programming highlights in 2023 and look ahead to ACE’s plans for 2024.

To our Arthritis at Home audience and to people living with arthritis across Canada, ACE wishes you a safe and healthy holiday as we celebrate this Winter Solstice in the spirit of peace, rest, reflection, and rejuvenation.

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