JointHealth™ express   February 8, 2024

Patient experiences and quality of care during rehabilitation after total joint replacement surgery

In this episode of Arthritis At Home, Cheryl Koehn and Dr. Marie Westby discuss about the EQUIP-TJR study they are working on. The study is studying patient experiences and the quality of care during their rehabilitation (rehab) after total joint replacement (TJR). They developed quality indicators (QIs) by reviewing the published research and getting input from expert clinicians, researchers, and patients from across Canada. These quality indicators state the quality of rehab care that all patients having TJR surgery can expect to receive.

Dr. Westby’s team is now creating an online toolkit of resources called the EQUIP-TJR toolkit. It includes a variety of print and electronic resources created with patient input. Before testing the toolkit in clinical settings, they would like to know your views on the quality indicators related to rehab after discharge from the hospital. They are also interested in your overall rehab experience and satisfaction.

Your responses will help the research team to refine the questionnaire and capture a ‘snap shot’ of current rehab practices across Canada.

If you would like to complete the 20-25 minute survey, go to:

The survey closes Feb. 28, 2024. Two $50 Indigo gift cards will be offered as prize draws!

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