JointHealth™ express   March 2, 2024

Day 4: #CRArthritis interviews from this year’s CRA & AHPA Annual Scientific Meeting

Welcome to the last day of the #ASM24 meeting!

Below is a summary of the interviews Arthritis Broadcast Network will be sharing today. Our guests include Drs Steven Katz, Jill Hall, Tom Appleton, Michelle Batthish, Karen Beattie, Mary De Vera, Meghan Pancucci, Megan Thomas, Anna Samson, Michael Kuluva, and Ellen Wang. Click here to watch the interviews.

Interview 18 – Part 1: The Great Debate - Emergency medical records (EMRs) save time for healthcare providers and improve quality of care with Dr. Steven Katz and Dr. Jill Hall

Dr. Katz is an award-winning clinician, medical educator, researcher, and medical community leader. He is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Alberta, and the Director of the Division of Rheumatology and Section Head for Rheumatology for Alberta Health Services. Dr. Hall is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta.

The duo joins Kelly Lendvoy to share some key arguments that they will be presenting at this year’s Great Debate on why emergency medical records save time for health care providers and improve quality of care.

Interview 19 – Part 2: The Great Debate - Emergency medical records (EMRs) do not save time for healthcare providers and improve quality of care with Dr. Tom Appleton

Dr. Appleton is an Assistant Professor at Western University. He joined the Division of Rheumatology in 2016 as a Clinician Scientist and provides clinical service to patients with inflammatory disorders in addition to running the translational early osteoarthritis research program.

In this interview, he outlines the opposition points he plans to use at this year’s Great Debate to argue against the efficacy of emergency medical records.

Interview 20 – Patient and family engagement in rheumatology research with Dr. Michelle Batthish, Ms. Meghan Pancucci and Dr. Karen Beattie

Dr. Batthish is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics in the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. Her research interests are in juvenile arthritis care, treatments and outcomes. Dr. Beattie is an Associate Member in Rehabilitation Science in the Faculty of Health Sciences in McMaster University. Her research interests are in autoimmunity, clinical science, patient and citizen engagement, and patient-centered care in rheumatology and rheumatoid arthritis. Meghan Pancucci is a student at McMaster University and plays for the university's water polo team.

The trio talks about their workshop, which is designed for researchers and family advocates who have an interest in engagement patients/families in rheumatology research. They talk about what family engagement in research means and its benefits for patients, health care providers, and researchers, and how families may be engaged with researchers in projects at different stages of the research life cycle.

Interview 21 – Towards improving representation in rheumatology research (in Canada and Beyond) with Dr. Mary De Vera, Ms. Megan Thomas, and Ms. Anna Samson

Dr. De Vera is a pharmacoepidemiologist and assistant professor in medication adherence in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC. Megan Thomas is a PhD student at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, specializing in epidemiology and health outcomes. Anna Samson is a person living with ankylosing spondylitis and fibromyalgia. She is studying English at McMaster University and is an advocate for disability and mental health.

They discuss highlights from their workshop on working towards improving representation in rheumatology research. They also report on determinants of health inequities and some of the barriers researchers and arthritis health care providers may face in underrepresented populations.

Interview 22 – A unique perspective of living with arthritis with Mr. Michael Kuluva

An American fashion designer and founder of the New York fashion label Tumbler and Tipsy, Michael Kuluva was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) when he was 28. Michael is a passionate advocate for RA and makes a point of including people with mobility challenges in his work.

He recounts with Anita Chan his RA journey, shares lifestyle tips for patients living with arthritis, and his work as a patient advocate.

Interview 23 – Health literacy in arthritis care in Canada: The perspectives of BIPOC individuals across age categories with Ms. Ellen Wang

Ellen Wang is a PhD student and Arthritis Research Canada trainee working under the supervision of Dr. Linda Li. She is currently studying to become a physical therapist at the University of British Columbia.

In this interview, she shares the key findings from a poster that will be presented at this year’s meeting titled Health Literacy in arthritis care in Canada: The perspectives of BIPOC individuals across age categories, including the glaring disparities in practicing self-care and navigating health care services between white and BIPOC survey respondents.