JointHealth™ express   October 24, 2011

Arthritis in the news

The Arthritis is cured! (if you want it) National Arthritis Awareness Program (NAAP), a joint effort of Arthritis Consumer Experts and the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada, was created to raise awareness about the over 100 types of arthritis. One of the ways the NAAP looked to do so was by developing two free arthritis identification apps, ArthritisID and ArthritisID PRO.

It’s working.

Since their release in September, ArthritisID and ArthritisID PRO have been achieving recognition as the top free medical apps at the iTunes Store and now . . . they are in the news.

Last week, Pamela Fayerman, a medical and health journalist with the Vancouver Sun, wrote an article announcing the virtues of the apps. The article was also published in the Montreal Gazette, the Ottawa Citizen, and the Regina Leader-Post. Along with the article, Ms. Fayerman did a video interview with Dr. John Esdaile of the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada (ARC), which was posted online last Monday. On Tuesday last week, Dr. Esdaile was interviewed on the Calgary Eyeopener, an early morning CBC radio program. All of this resulted in close to 800 downloads in a single day and both apps being in the top 10 for free medical apps last week.

The free apps were meant as a way to reach out to people with arthritis, healthcare professionals, and the public. A by-product of the attention on the apps is attention on arthritis: Arthritis made the news on Fairchild TV, a Cantonese language channel. The news clip features an interview with Joyce Ma of the Consumer Advisory Board of the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada.

Follow the links below to the article, video and audio clips: That’s not all. The apps were featured in the “Hot App!” section of the October 8 to 14, 2011 issue of TV Week Magazine.

You can do your part to raise awareness by downloading the apps, telling your friends and family about them, and showing the apps to your family doctor. Here are easy-to-remember short URL's to help you find them: The apps are iOS 5 compatible.

Keep looking for arthritis and the apps in the news, the Internet, and more!

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