JointHealth™ express   April 10, 2012

Discover the Arthritis Broadcast Network:
A Brand New Way to Share the Arthritis Story

The Arthritis is cured! (if you want it) program is Canada’s National Arthritis Awareness Program and the leading source of the newest arthritis information, programs and tools. Now in its third year of promoting interest, activity and conversations about arthritis and its impact on Canadians, the NAAP creates new ways to broadcast the arthritis story.

The co-leaders of the NAAP, Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) and the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada (ARC), believe if Canadians start talking about arthritis, a cure can and will be found. Enter the Arthritis Broadcast Network . . . a “go-to” source of arthritis news, education, and inspirational lifestyle stories for consumers and healthcare professionals alike, updated every day.

Featured ABN programs include:
  • News: Arthritis news. Anytime. Anywhere
  • Life: Living your best life with arthritis
  • Arthritis Intel: Helping you detect, treat, and manage arthritis
  • A-Team: Partnering with your healthcare team
  • Women: Exploring women’s arthritis issues and needs
But it’s more than just a place that informs and entertains you. Here you can join the conversation.

ABN is an ever evolving project: a place where you are a part of the community—and it is a social, interactive, and informative place shaped by its participants.

We hear you, now let the world hear you.

Join the conversation: share your experience of living with arthritis by sending us your stories, videos and images, and we will share them with the world. Please email us at

To find out more about the NAAP, you can go to or visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter or join us on LinkedIn.