JointHealth™ express   September 11, 2013

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The month of September marks two milestones for arthritis in Canada: the arrival of Arthritis Awareness Month and the fifth year of the National Arthritis Awareness Program (NAAP). Since its launch, the NAAP has been creating innovative and interactive ways to broadcast the arthritis story. It continues to provide the newest arthritis information, education, programs and tools through the Arthritis Broadcast Network (ABN) – Canada’s leading online source of arthritis news.

This September, the NAAP celebrates the beginning of its fifth year with the introduction of two new exciting channels to the Arthritis Broadcast Network.

Featured ABN channels now include:
  • *New: NAAP: National Arthritis Awareness Program
  • *New: Research: Groundbreaking research. Life-changing discoveries.
  • News: Arthritis news. Anytime. Anywhere
  • Life: Living your best life with arthritis.
  • Arthritis Intel: Helping you detect, treat, and manage arthritis.
  • A-Team: Partnering with your healthcare team.
  • Women: Exploring women’s arthritis issues and needs.
We hear you. Now let the world hear you.

Join the conversation at the Arthritis Broadcast Network. Share your experience of living with arthritis by sending us your stories, videos and images, and we will share them with the world. Please email us at And feel free to start a conversation on ABN by commenting on a post that catches your interest.

To find out more about the NAAP, you can go to or visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter or join us on LinkedIn.

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