JointHealth™ express   December 22, 2014

A holiday message from Cheryl Koehn of Arthritis Consumer Experts

Dear ACE members, subscribers and on-line visitors,

This year marks the 17th holiday season Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) is sharing with our members and supporters across Canada. It is a time to give thanks for everything that makes this time of year so magical — spending time with friends and family and spreading tidings of health and wellness, especially to people living with arthritis.

This time of year also reminds us we all have a responsibility to ourselves and to each other to make a difference that is real and lasting. As Canada’s leading provider of evidence-based arthritis consumer information and education delivery and advocacy work, ACE strived to make a difference in 2014 on behalf of the more than 4.6 million Canadians living with the disease. Our organization served people living with all forms of arthritis by continuing to advocate on health and policy issues, such as the emergence of new treatment options and reimbursement access to medications, to patients, healthcare professionals, media and public and private formularies through ACE's JointHealth™ family of programs and the Arthritis Broadcast Network.

In this season of generosity, ACE encourages you to reach out to those who need help the most.

In this season of reflection, let’s also make sure that our incredibly brave children, employees, parents, and seniors living with one of the more than 100 types of arthritis know how much we admire their will to live their lives fully and contribute to their community.

In this season of hope, let us come together and commit that in 2015 we do everything we can to build on the progress we’ve made this past year and ensure there is enhanced awareness and excellence in standards of care for people living with arthritis all across Canada.

On behalf of my ACE team members and our Scientific, Medical and Consumer Advisory Board, I want to wish you a joyful holiday season!

Cheryl Koehn
Person with rheumatoid arthritis and President of Arthritis Consumer Experts