JointHealth™ express   April 22, 2015

Arthritis in Alberta – Surveying Alberta electoral candidates

ACE asks Alberta’s political leaders to share their plan on how to improve arthritis prevention, treatment and care.

According to the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute, arthritis has devastating and debilitating effects on the lives of more than 500,000 Albertans. It is also the leading cause of work disability in Alberta, with nearly three out of every five people with arthritis of working age, costing Alberta’s economy $3.3 billion in direct and indirect costs.

Arthritis Consumer Experts sent an open letter and survey to all candidates in the upcoming May 5th Alberta provincial election, asking them how their Party plans to improve arthritis prevention, treatment and care.

Candidate responses can be viewed on our website. Click on Alberta Election 2015 where you will find responses categorized by party and arranged according to the date we receive them.

ACE does not endorse any candidate. Through this effort, we are seeking to reinforce our advocacy efforts in Alberta for a model of care that addresses arthritis consumer needs. A model of care for arthritis, when appropriately developed and implemented, provides arthritis consumers with optimal care while aiming to reduce resource burdens on the healthcare system.

We encourage you to:
  • Circulate this survey and candidate responses to friends, family, healthcare professionals, and your local media.
  • Help us obtain answers from any candidates who are running for office in the Alberta election. For tips on how to communicate with your electoral candidates, please visit our "What You Can Do" page within the "Taking Action" section of the JointHealth™ website.