JointHealth™ express   August 5, 2016

The Olympics are here – time to hang out in the Arthritis Olympic Village

Celebrate the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics by joining us in the virtual Arthritis Olympic Village.

Arthritis Broadcast Network (powered by Arthritis Consumer Experts) invites you to join us between August 5-21 in our virtual Arthritis Olympics Village” Facebook page. In honour of an Olympic event happening each day, the village will share inspirational stories on:
  • Athletes living with arthritis who have excelled or continue to excel at their sports
  • Injury prevention and risks associated with certain sports
  • Athletes and what they can do to advocate for the well-being of people living with arthritis
  • Which specific sports may benefit people living with arthritis
It’s time to recognize and promote that people living with arthritis can remain active and become “Olympians” in their own eyes.

Come hang out and experience the Arthritis Olympics Village:
  1. “Like” or “Follow” us on the Arthritis Broadcast Network Facebook page;
  2. Take a selfie and share your personal success stories on living with arthritis;
  3. Tell us how you avoid injuries while doing physical activities;
  4. Post your favourite Olympic moments of the day; and,
  5. Follow the conversation on Facebook and Twitter (@ArthritisNetwrk) with hashtag #ArthritisOlympicsVillage
The arthritis community appreciates your encouragement and moral support. Please feel free to invite your friends, family, and colleagues to participate, whether they have arthritis, or not. Let’s celebrate each other’s “gold medal moments” together!