JointHealth™ express   December 10, 2007

In its efforts to raise public awareness of arthritis, the Alliance for a Canadian Arthritis Program (ACAP) has been actively seeking out Parliamentary Champions. This year we have focussed on getting a Senate Inquiry into arthritis underway.

On November 27, 2007, Senator Gerald Comeau, Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate, made a speech in the Senate to begin the Inquiry process and a number of other Senators have since made speeches in support. Click here to read a transcript of the Inquiry so far.

Senate inquiries are automatically open for 15 days, but may be prolonged if other Senators serve notice of their intention to speak about the matter of the Inquiry.

If enough Senators express an interest in the Inquiry, the subject of arthritis could be referred to the Senate Committee on Social Affairs for hearings and a potential Senate report. This would raise public awareness of arthritis and all of the issues faced by our community.

Please write, and encourage the people you know to write, to a Senator to urge them to get involved and speak on this Inquiry.

Here are some of the ways you can help:
  • Write to Senator Comeau to thank him for taking up the matter on our behalf
  • Write to other Senators who have already spoken or have indicated an interest in speaking to the matter-these include Senators Tardif, Keon, Carney, McCoy, Callbeck, Trenholme Counsel, and Harb
  • Write to Senators with whom you may have personal connections or who represent your home province.
Please remember that Senators may be reached in a number of ways including e-mail, fax, or mail. You can send mail to any member of the senate postage-free at:

Name of Senator
The Senate of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario K1A OA4

Background information on individual members of the Senate and contact information can be found at: