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Whether it is with an infographic, video, or text, ACE looks for new ways to share arthritis information in a way that is interesting and easy to understand for our members, subscribers and visitors. Our new program, JointHealth™ shareables, presents important health issues in one easy-to-navigate page. Please share this content with your colleagues, friends and family.

Private Health Insurance in Canada
  • Arthritis Consumer Experts members are taking a growing interest in the private health insurance market. More than 23 million Canadians depend on private insurance to cover their prescription medication costs. Nearly all – 9.4 million workers and their 13 million dependents – rely on insurance to cover their prescription

Biosim • Exchange
  • Biosimilars are medications made from the same basic building blocks as their originator biologics; however, biosimilars are not considered identical to their originator biologics because their chemical characteristics cannot be precisely duplicated during the manufacturing process. Provincial formularies and private health insurers have begun providing reimbursement for biosimilars approved in Canada for the treatment of inflammatory forms of arthritis.