JointHealth™ express   November 14, 2005

Dear ACE community member and JointHealth™ express reader.

We are thrilled to report that the Summit on Standards for Arthritis Prevention and Care, that took place in Ottawa on November 1-2, was a tremendous success.

Two hundred delegates from across the country gathered together to at this historic Summit to set standards to prevent and care for arthritis in Canada.

People with arthritis represented one fourth of the delegation and provided leadership from beginning to end.

Also in attendance were representatives from federal, provincial and territorial governments, health professionals, informal and formal care givers, family physicians, researchers, arthritis organizations, among others.

To read more about what happened at the Summit, please click here: click here (Adobe Acrobat format).

Now it is your turn to get involved. Here is what you can do to help 4 million Canadians with arthritis.

To heighten awareness at government immediately following the Summit, we are asking ACE community members and JointHealth™ express readers to email their MLA/MPP and MP inviting them to read about the Summit in the news release provided to you (in both English and French) with this email. Tell them that representatives from the arthritis community will be contacting them again to arrange a meeting to present the full Summit report and to gain their support for a national arthritis strategy in Canada.

You can find your provincial/territorial MLA or MPP by going to the "MLA/MPP finder" section of your provincial/territorial government web site.

To locate your federal MP, click here.

Please copy your emails to Arthritis Consumer Experts at so that those involved with the Summit may follow up in a timely manner.

Thank you for your support in helping your fellow Canadian with arthritis.