JointHealth™ podcasts

JointHealth™ podcast programs are an innovative way to learn about arthritis. Each program provides the listener with interesting and important arthritis information on topics ranging from arthritis research to effective and safe exercise for people living with arthritis. JointHealth™ podcasts feature interview-style conversations with leading Canadian rheumatologists, arthritis research scientists and consumer advocates.

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Dr. Lacaille A Conversation With an Arthritis Research Scientist

Arthritis and Work

Dr. Kam Shojania Navigating the Treatment Path in Inflammatory Arthritis

Treatment Advancements for Inflammatory Arthritis

Gordon Whitehead Alliance for the Canadian Arthritis Program

Ms. Jay Fiddler People With Arthritis and Arthritis Research Decision Making

Dr. John Esdaile Advancements in Arthritis Research

Dr. Linda Li Exercise and Arthritis