JointHealth™ express   January 24, 2006

Arthritis Consumer Experts is sending this edition of JointHealth™ Express to its community members in the Lower Mainland area, who expressed interest in receiving information about arthritis or about employment and arthritis. This may be of interest to you, or for someone you know that could benefit from this service.

WANTED: Skilled persons looking for temporary contract employment

You have skills you want to offer but a strictly limited amount of energy. You can do an excellent job but you may not be able to put in a full time day. The ideal answer would be part-time contract work, but how do you develop a customer base when your mobility and pep are so restricted?

If you are looking for flexible work, or are already self-employed and looking to grow your business, then Reliable Business Outsourcing may be the solution for you.

This innovative service connects qualified contractors, with long term health issues, to local businesses that outsource administrative, technical, trade or professional services on a contract basis. For example, a person with fibromyalgia might be a self-employed bookkeeper, or a person with lupus might be a self-employed graphic design artist.

Currently operating in the Fraser Valley through Community Futures South Fraser, with plans to replicate in Vancouver in the late spring, Reliable Business Outsourcing creates opportunities for persons with a marketable skill to control their workload, accommodate their health needs and overcome many of the barriers to traditional employment.

Reliable Business Outsourcing, a non-profit social enterprise, provides 'A Solution for Everybody' by addressing the growing trend for outsourcing and offers business owners top-quality contract service in all sorts of areas.

If you would like to explore this unique employment option or want more information, contact Suzanne Work at: or call 1 877 827 8249

Reliable Business Outsourcing 'A Solution for Everybody'