JointHealth™ express   June 1, 2006

Arthritis 101 is a series of research-based information workshops and arthritis screening clinics that will be delivered across Canada this Fall. The workshops will be hosted by the Alliance for the Canadian Arthritis Program (or "ACAP") - a group of over 20 different national and regional stakeholder groups working on behalf of Canadians with arthritis. They are designed to inform Canada's federal and provincial elected officials about latest information on arthritis prevention and care and about the national standards developed at the Summit on Standards for Arthritis Prevention and Care (November 1-2, 2005).

This workshop is very important for people living with arthritis in New Brunswick. The first step is informing the government around the needs of people with arthritis and which of those are not currently being met. Change happens at the government level so awareness about arthritis is critical.

The workshop will be held during a weekday morning, ideally when the legislative house is sitting. Breakfast and presentations will be held first at a venue to be announced. After, an arthritis screening test for all government officials will take place at the legislative building.

How can you help?

The planning committee for Arthritis 101 is looking for two to three people with arthritis to participate as consumer ambassadors in the planning, organization and attending the workshop.

If you would like to get involved, please contact:

Linda Wilhem, leader of the ACAP planning process in New Brunswick, at: