JointHealth™ express   September 29, 2020

Expanding audience for ACE’s Arthritis At Home program

Making it easier to listen to interviews with arthritis healthcare professionals, research scientists and patient experts with new Arthritis At Home (+ On the Go) Podcasts

Arthritis Consumer Experts’ new podcast series, Arthritis At Home (+ On the Go), allows you to listen to our Arthritis At Home program interviews on the most popular podcast streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Overcast and more.

Podcasts enable you to download episodes and listen to them outside of the house without internet connection – a great listening option for work commutes, exercising and dog walks!

We will be uploading new and historical episodes of Arthritis At Home. Follow or subscribe on the podcast apps listed here to be alerted when an episode gets uploaded.

More about Arthritis At Home

Arthritis At Home and Arthritis At Home (+ On the Go) are 2020 additions to ACE’s JointHealth™ Education programming that makes it possible for people living with arthritis to watch or listen to video interviews with Canadian experts in clinical rheumatology, arthritis scientists, physio and occupational therapists, psychologists and health economists as well as patent experts and advocates. We hope you find Arthritis At Home informative and fun as you live your best life with arthritis!

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