JointHealth™ express   October 27, 2022

Arthritis At Home Episode 145 – Obesity and Osteoarthritis: A Personal Experience

In this episode of Arthritis At Home, Cheryl Koehn, President of Arthritis Consumer Experts, speaks to Phyllis Gregg, a person living with osteoarthritis, about her obesity journey and the physical challenges it has imposed on her body and life.

Phyllis Gregg is a member of Arthritis Consumer Experts and is the Social Media and Administration Coordinator. She has been struggling with obesity most of her adult life and living with osteoarthritis the last 10 years. She is a member of an advocacy group dedicated to helping those living with arthritis in Vancouver, Washington. Through education and building a wonderful support team, she is able to manage and live with osteoarthritis and has celebrated many successes in her disease journey. She loves to spend time with her son, grandchildren and extended family. She enjoys strolling through her garden – her little piece of paradise.

Tune into Arthritis At Home next week to hear part two of our conversation with Phyllis Gregg!

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