JointHealth™ express   January 12, 2023

Emotional and mental health challenges for people living with inflammatory arthritis

In this episode of Arthritis At Home, Ellen Wang, Programs Coordinator for Arthritis Consumer Experts, speaks to Cheryl Crow, an occupational therapist who’s lived with rheumatoid arthritis for 19 years. The two share an open and honest dialogue about the emotional and mental challenges that individuals living with inflammatory arthritis face. Cheryl makes some suggestions of gadgets that one can use to help to protect their joints and how to overcome the stigma that comes with using assistive devices.

Cheryl started Arthritis Life to educate, empower and inspire people living with inflammatory arthritis. She created the Rheum to THRIVE course and support program to help people with rheumatic disease live full, vibrant and meaningful lives.

Most days, you can find Cheryl creating life hack videos, sharing patient stories on the Arthritis Life Podcast, or spreading the word about ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

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