JointHealth™ express   February 29, 2024

Day 2: #CRArthritis interviews from this year’s CRA & AHPA Annual Scientific Meeting

Welcome to the second day of the #ASM24 meeting!

Below is a summary of the interviews Arthritis Broadcast Network will be sharing today. Our guests include Drs Lihi Eder, Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert, Stephanie Garner, Karine Toupin-April, Derin Karacabeyli, and Ms. Natasha Trehan. Click here to watch the interviews.

Interview 6 - From psoriasis to psoriatic arthritis: Towards prevention with Dr. Lihi Eder

Dr. Eder, scientist at Women’s College Research Institute and Research Director at the Division of Rheumatology at University of Toronto, speaks to Kelly Lendvoy about understanding the progression from psoriasis to psoriatic arthritis and identifying potential preventive measure as well as how scientists and rheumatologists are identifying high-risk individuals and exploring opportunities for early interception.

Interview 7 - The role of the rheumatologist in managing long-COVID with Dr. Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert

Dr. Tervaert, Professor of Medicine at the University of Alberta, explains the role of the rheumatologists in the diagnosis and advances in the management of long-COVID for people living with inflammatory arthritis. He also discusses the work he is doing at the University of Alberta to develop a translational research laboratory to study vascular so that the university can take immunological findings in the lab, into much-needed patient care.

Interview 8 - Incidence of autoimmune diseases following exposure to a new class of medications used to control blood sugar, diabetes, and weight loss with Dr. Derin Karabeyli

Dr. Karacabeyli is a rheumatology resident at the University of British Columbia.

Under the supervision of UBC and Arthritis Research Canada scientists, Drs. Diane Lacaille and Juan Antonio Avina-Zubieta, he is studying the effects of treating metabolic comorbidities like obesity and type 2 diabetes on patients with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases. In a conversation with Kelly Lendvoy, Dr. Karabeyli shares the work he is conducting to look at the potential risks and benefits for inflammatory arthritis patients taking a new class of medications used in type 2 diabetes therapy.

Interview 9 - Navigating the future: Updates in ANCA associated vasculitis management through cases and collaboration with Dr. Stephanie Garner

Dr. Stephanie Garner is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine and rheumatologist at the University of Calgary. She summarizes the updates in the management of vasculitis, including the “less is more” shift in prednisone prescribing and the role of maintenance therapies, and the importance of an interdisciplinary care approach to treat a complex disease like vasculitis.

Interview 10 - Part 1 – Clinical practice guidelines and interprofessional shared decision making: A journey towards health equity with Dr. Karine Toupin-April

Dr. Toupin-April speaks to Kelly Lendvoy about how the practice of shared decision making can be implemented effectively in arthritis care, taking into account the diverse needs of specific patient populations, and how they can contribute to reducing health disparities. She offers examples of how guidelines can be made relevant and accessible to Indigenous communities, immigrants, and other minority groups to ensure equitable care outcomes.

Interview 11 - Part 2 – Clinical practice guidelines and interprofessional shared decision making: A journey towards health equity with Ms. Natasha Trehan

Natasha Trehan, person living with juvenile idiopathic arthritis and Founder of Take a Pain Check Foundation, shares how her lived experiences and passion towards supporting youth and young adults with rheumatic disease have shaped her workshop on working towards health equity. She will be sharing her perspectives on shared decision making and clinical practice guidelines. Her co-presenters, Drs Cheryl Barnabe, Karine Toupin-April, and Elizabeth Stringer will share highlights on cultural and social aspects of shared decision making in pediatric and adult rheumatology.