JointHealth™ express   June 26, 2024

Joint Journeys: Just below the surface

In her latest blog post, Carrie shares how she is preparing for a triathlon and an important lesson she learned while swimming in the fast lane. Carrie recounts her frustration when another swimmer kept lapping her in the fast lane. Despite the feeling of defeat, she kept her focus and eventually decided to try to learn from this swimmer. Upon seeing the secrets of this swimmer below the water, she realizes she has unkindly judged herself.

“When did I stop being kind to myself? Forgetting to celebrate the daily left, right, left, breathe. Remembering how much effort it takes to glide smoothly through a day, keeping my mind focused, and immersed in hopeful things...considering all of the things that are just below the surface; fatigue, joint pain, brain fog...” - Carrie

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