JointHealth™ express   August 24, 2012

In this issue of JointHealth™ monthly:

Living actively with arthritis

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games opened on July 27, drawing our attention to the hard work and dedication of athletes who perform on behalf of their countries. In honour of the Games, this summer issue of JointHealth™ monthly is dedicated to keeping active despite, and because of, arthritis.

We begin by looking at the stories of Olympic athletes who overcame the challenge of living with arthritis, and the pain associated with it, to compete at the highest level of their sports. As proud as we are of these athletes, we caution against exercising to the point of overworking joints and causing further damage like they did. Instead, we would like to see people exercise at a level that improves their wellbeing, their overall health, and their arthritis. So, ACE provides some tips to help you avoid injury while you exercise and play sports . . . and avoid the mistake of “gutting out” your pain.

Also, we have a Q. and A. with Cheryl Koehn, president and founder of Arthritis Consumer Experts, who was competing as an Olympic level volleyball player when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.