JointHealth™ express   November 29, 2012

New JointHealth™ workshop today

The third in ACE’s series of five joint exam videos is now available to be viewed from the JointHealth™ website. Originally created for the ArthritisID PRO app for iPhone, now you can watch them from your personal computer.

Though specifically meant for physicians to use in their practice, arthritis consumers can also watch these videos so they know what to expect. Or, if you suspect you have arthritis, you can show the joint exams to your healthcare provider. Encourage your doctor to visit or download the free app to view the videos.

The joint exams are demonstrated in English by Dr. John Esdaile, Scientific Director at the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada (ARC) and in French by Dr. Diane Lacaille, Research Scientist also at ARC.

Click to view the third video now: Shoulder Exam

Watch your inbox for the fourth joint exam video, which will be released next week.

About the app
ArthritisID PRO is a free app for healthcare professionals, featuring the most current, evidence-based arthritis information to help detect, treat and manage arthritis. There is also a free companion app for consumers, called ArthritisID, designed to help patients live well with arthritis.

The apps were created in year two of the National Arthritis Awareness Program (NAAP). Co-led by Arthritis Consumer Experts and the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada, the NAAP is a Canadian-based national program to raise awareness about arthritis.