JointHealth™ express   March 31, 2014

March-ing into action

March is not just when spring break and Daylight Saving Time happen, it’s also a time for new beginnings and new hope for people who live with arthritis. It follows quickly after a major conference, usually led at the end of February, where arthritis specialists from all over Canada come together to share their experience and expertise. And when they return to their practices they are re-energized and armed with new knowledge to help their patients. It’s also a time to celebrate Childhood Arthritis Awareness Month, Pharmacists Awareness Month, and International Women’s Day. For those of us at Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) and the Arthritis Broadcast Network, it’s a time to “march” into action.

Inside this issue of JointHealth™ monthly, you will find:
  • Details of current challenges children living with juvenile idiopathic arthritis face in receiving “gold standard” medications.
  • A list of what pharmacists in primary healthcare, depending on the province and sometimes with limitations, can do for patients.
  • An update on the three year Arthritis Consumer Experts/Arthritis Research Centre of Canada/Shoppers Drug Mart Arthritis Program
  • An interview with Dr. Brian Feldman and Dr. Cheryl Barnabe, award recipients at the 2014 Canadian Rheumatology Association (CRA) Annual Scientific Meeting & Arthritis Health Professions Association Annual Meeting.
  • A link to the interviews conducted by consumer “reporters” at the CRA.