JointHealth™ express   June 26, 2014

What has ACE done for you lately?

In June’s issue of “What has ACE done for you lately” – a monthly roundup of what we have accomplished and what we are currently working on - we highlight our campaigns in advocacy and education, our FIFA World Cup and Canada's Best Workplaces campaigns.

ACE launches nationwide search for Canada’s Best Arthritis Workplaces

Arthritis Consumer Experts is looking to award three Canadian companies that provide a workplace and environment considerate of employees living with arthritis.

The Canada’s Best Workplaces for Employees Living with Arthritis Award is a coast-to-coast search to find and recognize three small, medium and large companies who offer exceptional workplaces for their employees living with arthritis. Click here to find an Application Form for employers or employees to enter their companies. At this site, you will also find information on:
  • Arthritis in the workplace and why 9 to 5 support for arthritis is “good business”
  • Understanding the physical and mental obstacles of arthritis at work
  • Private insurance and arthritis
  • Ways in which employers can help improve the work conditions of someone living with arthritis.
Reaching out to the Ontario electoral candidates

ACE sent an open letter and a survey to all of the candidates of the Ontario provincial election. As part of our core government outreach activities and in the spirit of our non-partisanship, ACE outlined in its letter to candidates the impact of arthritis in Ontario and asked each candidate to make a commitment to improving care for the more than 1.8 million Ontario residents who live with some form of arthritis. To view a summary of the campaign and all the candidate and Party responses, please click here.

Facilitating “Your Voice” input for BCPharmaCare

ACE submitted a “Your Voice” input on the intravenous form of golimumab for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis this June. In the input, one patient described how rheumatoid arthritis affects her day-to-day life. Because RA affects the full musculature system of her body, she has trouble with basic life activities and/or tasks, like walking, tying shoelaces, and even buttoning her blouse.

The research literature highlight the need for reimbursement access to the full complement of biologic therapies currently available, as no two patients respond to a biologic therapy in the same way. One patient may have a full response to golimumab IV, while the next patient may have an unsatisfactory or incomplete response. The next patient may have physical limitations making self-injection next to impossible and the one following them may have cultural or psychological difficulties with taking infusions. Contraindications and unique family histories are also important factors for the patient and their physician to consider when selecting a medication therapy.

Ultimately, ACE underlined in its response that patients with rheumatoid arthritis deserve the same consideration and reimbursement coverage afforded other patients with serious, life or quality-of-life threatening diseases.

Connect Through Social Media

Arthritis Consumer Experts launched #Goals4Arthritis to celebrate the FIFA World Cup and encourage Canadians living with all forms of arthritis to follow our daily “goal” during the World Cup to learn ways how you can remain able bodied and perform your best while living with disease. Here's how you can participate: