JointHealth™ express   July 13, 2016

Great news for ACE’s scientific advisor, Arthritis Research Canada

New Canadian Institutes of Health Research funding, awards, and promotions at Arthritis Research Canada will advance arthritis research, treatment and care

ACE’s scientific advisor, Arthritis Research Canada (ARC), has been awarded two Canadian Institutes of Health Research Knowledge to Action grants. Here are the names of the award recipients and a brief explanation of their research projects:
  • Dr. Deborah Marshall’s research, entitled “Building Partnerships to Improve Care of Early Knee Osteoarthritis Patients: Co-developing a Risk Management Tool” aims to develop a tool to help family physicians to motivate people with early osteoarthritis of the knee to institute life-style changes at a time when they can make a difference to the progress of the disease.
  • Dr. Paul Fortin’s research, entitled “Dissemination of the Lupus Interactive Navigator (LIN) – Measuring its Uptake and Impact on Global Health and Self-Care” will be devoted to developing an online tool to facilitate and support engagement, coping and self-management in people with lupus.
The following researchers at ARC have each been awarded a prestigious award from the science community:
  • Dr. Glen Hazlewood has received a Canadian Institutes of Health Research New Investigator Award. The award is the highest one can receive in Canada for a young medical scientist. This will provide salary for him via the University of Calgary ($60,000 per year for 5 years). The award is for his application ‘Bridging the Gap Between Research Evidence and Patient-Centered Treatment Approaches for Chronic Immune-Mediated Diseases’. The application deals with the issue that most treatment recommendations for diseases come from expert panels and research reports. They are ‘unclouded’ by patient preferences or perceptions. Dr. Hazlewood has developed a research program to remedy this gap and bring research and patient perceptions together.
  • Dr. Cheryl Barnabe has been awarded the University of Calgary O’Brien Institute Emerging Research Leader Award. She already has a Canadian Institutes of Health Research New Investigator Award. Dr. Barnabe is credited with bridging the major gaps in care that exist in the clinical, epidemiological and health services aspects of arthritis care in Indigenous population in Canada.
The ARC Senior Scientists listed below have been promoted to new positions at the University of British Columbia:
  • Dr. Antonio Avina-Zubieta has been promoted to Associate Professor of Medicine. Dr. Avina has been successful in all aspects of research, such as obtaining grants, publishing research articles and mentoring research trainees. He is also the BC Lupus Scholar and holds a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research scholarship.
  • Dr. Linda Li has been promoted to Professor with Tenure. Dr. Li is the Harold Robinson Chair in Rehabilitation Sciences, the Canada Research Chair in Patient-Oriented Knowledge Translation, a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Sciences Senior Scholar, and a Senior Scientist at Arthritis Research Canada. She is the Canadian authority on patient-oriented knowledge translation for arthritis and leading researcher in the creation of the Walk10Blocks app – Canada’s first app to utilize Apple’s ResearchKit.