JointHealth™ express   January 8, 2008

Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) and the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance (CAPA) need your help. ACE and CAPA have been invited to participate on the editorial board of the next edition of "Arthritis in Canada". The original report was produced in 2003.

This new edition—due out in late 2008—will try to reflect not just the statistics related to the facts and figures of arthritis, but also the true day-to-day arthritis experience as told by individuals living with the disease.

In order to collect personal stories from real people living with arthritis, ACE and CAPA have developed a questionnaire with 8 questions. By responding to the questions, you will be sharing with us your personal story. Of course, you need only answer those questions that are relevant to your own arthritis experience.

If chosen for publication, your answers will be reported anonymously.

Please click here to tell us your story. Your responses are vitally important, as they will allow us to make sure that the voice of arthritis is heard.