Arthritis and Work

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This 30 minute program provides the consumer/public listener with a good understanding about the challenges arthritis poses for the working person, and offers practical solutions for how to manage the disease in the work setting, including work in the home. Topics include:

Common work-related challenges brought on by inflammatory arthritis
  • Work interruptions
  • Having to take days off due to inflammatory arthritis
  • Difficulty managing work responsibilities
  • Length of one's work day
  • Having to use vacation time to manage arthritis
  • Inability to take on new projects
  • Inability to seek promotion or new job
  • Impact at work
  • How to deal with it at work
How to talk about arthritis with employers
  • Understanding employment law
  • Presenting one's case to an employer
  • Developing a work support system
  • Managing expectations at work
Self-employment for people with arthritis