JointHealth™ express   March 18, 2013

Do you live with rheumatoid arthritis? Let your voice be heard.

Participate in an anonymous global survey about rheumatoid arthritis (RA) to have your voice heard.

An international research company is doing a short survey to gather information from people living with RA around the world. The survey results will help to increase global awareness about the impact of the disease and to empower those living with RA to better manage the disease.

The goals of the survey are to learn how people living with RA are:
  • Affected physically, emotionally, socially, and at work
  • Getting their information about the disease and how much they trust that information
  • Managing and understanding their disease
  • Establishing relationships with and getting support from those around them, such as doctors, nurses, friends, family, and employers
All participants answers will be combined and the overall results will be shared with the larger RA community, including patients from all over the world, healthcare providers, and patient advocacy groups.

All responses are anonymous.

To help create a better understanding of RA, it’s time to let your voice be heard—take the survey here. The survey will be open until April 11, 2013.

What is “RA: Join the Fight”?

RA: Join the Fight is a global campaign developed by AbbVie Inc. to raise awareness about how rheumatoid arthritis affects those who live with it. Rheumatoid arthritis is an under-recognized autoimmune disease that occurs in roughly 0.5 to 1.0 % of the population. To better understand and relay the physical and emotional impact of the disease and needs of people living with RA, an anonymous global survey is being conducted in 42 countries around the world. Information from the survey will be used by AbbVie to design better tools to educate patients, family members, and caregivers about RA. To learn more about the background, please see:

Disclaimer: Sharing this announcement from AbbVie Inc. is in no way an endorsement of the company. ACE does not promote any “brand”, product or program on any of its materials or its website, or during any of its educational programs or activities.