What We Are Doing

At JointHealth™, we believe that it is critically important that the voice of people with arthritis is heard regularly by elected representatives and other health care decision-makers. We work hard at keeping government informed about the latest research developments to improve health policy and better meet the awareness, education and treatment needs of people living with arthritis, their family members, employers and co-workers.

To accomplish this, we participate-both on our own and in partnership with other arthritis consumers and organizations-in numerous different types of information, education and consultation activities geared towards federal and provincial governments. These activities include:
  • Individual meetings with elected representatives and their policy advisors at the provincial and federal levels
  • Participation on government advisory boards and committees
  • Letter-writing to elected representatives and health policy decision-makers
  • Informational and educational events and seminars

Press Conferences

Letters To Politicians

JointHealth™, through its parent organization Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE), writes many letters to government. ACE writes to government on a broad range of issues-sometimes alone, and sometimes in partnership with other organizations.

Click here to view many of the letters that ACE has written to government over the past two years.

Meetings With Politicians

At JointHealth™, we believe that for our elected representatives and healthcare decision-makers to govern appropriately, they must have the facts about arthritis. That is why JointHealth™ team members regularly meet with elected representatives to educate them about the disease, and its impact on the people who live with it.

Almost always, the elected representatives we meet with are very surprised by what we tell them about arthritis. Like the general public, our elected representatives and their policy advisors often have limited understanding of just how devastating arthritis can be.

Here is a list of some of the meetings we have had so far in 2008:
  • Regina, Saskatchewan, April 2008: meeting with policy staff in the Minister of Health's office
  • Victoria, British Columbia, April 2008: meetings with various MLAs and policy staff in the Minister of Health's office.
  • Ottawa, Ontario, January 2008: meetings with federal government policy staff and opposition MPs and staff

Press Releases

Click here to view many of the press releases that ACE has written over the past two years.

JointHealth™/ACE Committee Participation

JointHealth™ and Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) takes the voice of arthritis right to the committee rooms where health policy gets created. ACE representatives have engaged with the following decision-making bodies:
  • Patented Medicines Prices Review Board
  • National Pharmaceutical Strategy
  • Health Canada
  • Office of Consumer and Public Involvement
  • Arthritis in Canada
ACE is also a member organization of several health coalitions, namely:
  • Alliance for the Canadian Arthritis Program (ACAP)
  • Best Medicines Coalition
  • Better PharmaCare Coalition